Tips for a more informative Fellowship welcome page

Tips for a more informative Fellowship welcome page

Completing a Fellowship Application can be an overwhelming experience for Applicants.  In order to be successful, Applicants require a solid knowledge of expectations and an investment of time in the application process.

Does your Fellowship welcome page consist of a download link, login box and/or contact email? Help your Applicants by ensuring the following items are listed clearly on your Fellowship's wecome page:

  • Consistent branding with your Organization's website, accompanying promotional materials and social media accounts
  • General introduction / description information
  • Clear call to action to register, download or log in to the application.
  • Eligibility criteria! (Do you spend hours of time sorting through ineligible applications?)
  • Detailed information
  • How to apply (a step-based approach is easy to follow)
  • List of uploaded or attached documents required, such as Reference Provider supporting letters, publications, biosketches, so the Applicant/Nominator has enough time to obtain or request these attachments
  • Selection criteria that the Reviewers will use to evaluate the merit of the Application.
  • Downloadable program guide
  • Interactive video describing the program. This can be by a Director, or alumni. Video is proven to be more engaging.
  • Alumni bios and testimonials.
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Clear contact information for further questions.

Having an informative welcome page will not only better prepare your Applicants, but can also result in achieving a higher quality of Applicants, which is the ultimate goal of your program.

What other items do you include in your Fellowship welcome page?



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